Teskey & Irish Palatine Family Trees

Teskey Family Tree

A linked family tree of Teskeys and their descendants. This information includes all known descendancy lines from Jacob Teskey who immigrated to Ireland from the Palatine of the Rhine in 1709. This data is essentially as received from the primary researcher of the Teskey family, Ken McDonald, to whom thanks are due for his dedication to the ongoing and comprehensive accumulation of Teskey family history information.

This web version of the family tree currently consists only of the linked basic birth and death information. For privacy reasons, I have also eliminated all individuals that may still be alive from the web version (If you find any living people, please let me know). As a result, this web tree contains 2041 individuals, instead of the nearly 7000 in the complete database.

A planned later addition will be a separate tree containing unattached family tree fragments which cannot yet be connected into the main Teskey tree or which derive from other non-Irish Palatine Teskey families.

Teskey Jepsen Switzer Tree

The information in this smaller tree of about 236 individuals is mainly that of my own ancestors with their siblings, and a few other selected lines. More information about the Switzer, Bowen and Jepsen ancestry lines are included in this version, as well.

Again, only the basic information is shown here. For privacy reasons, I have attempted to eliminate all individuals that may still be alive from the web version.

I can primarily thank Ken McDonald and Ted Thompson, for most of the compiled information on my early Teskey ancestry. I have also relied on family notes and data from Helen Phillips Presnell, Paul Purdom, Richard Presnell, and Greg Clements. Finally, a key source of Teskey, Switzer and Bowen information is Henry Z. Jones, Jr., The Palatine Families of Ireland, 2nd. Ed., Picton Press, Maine; 1990.

Cousin Calculator

At the Teskey Reunion in Rathkeale, Ireland in September 1999, we had a chance to compare family trees and try to determine the actual realtionship between the various attendees (which in some cases is more than one relationship, due to close intermarriages among our Irish Palatine ancestors). In any case I came up with a formula for easily determining this, and began to think about what the actual blood or genetic relationships would be. The result, after some playing around, is the Cousin Calculator, downloadable at the link below.

The calculator also works for great uncles, etc. It determines the relationship of two individuals from either the distance in generations from each of them to their common ancestor, or from the number of "greats" appended to their common grandfather or grandmother. It also makes an attempt to show the average blood/genetic relationship between them as well as the maximum (although astronomically unlikely) genetic overlap.

  • Download the Cousin Calculator - MS Excel 6/Office 95 format