Descendants of Jacob Teskey
Tom Upshaw

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This is the starting page for my web tree covering the descendants of Jacob Teske/Teskey. This tree is a subset (just over 2000 non-living people only) of the full Teskey database, which contains nearly 7000 individuals.

A word of caution from Ken McDonald: I maintain my version of the tree on an Excel spreadsheet. In order to make it accessible on the internet some fancy footwork and clever programming was employed, particularly by Tom Upshaw, the webmaster. It seems that we failed to correct for the difference between English (day-month-year) and American (month-day-year) date formats. As a result, dates that appear on the website where the value of both the day and month is 12 or less are in the American format (mm/dd), whilst any where one value is above 12 are in the English format (dd/mm). The years appear correctly. I apologise for this error and hope that we will be able to correct it when we next load an update. That update and correction are unlikely to be before the year 2010.

If you have corrections or new information to submit, please send it to , who is the keeper of the original database. He will send his complete revised database to me for future web site updates.

Please post any queries for information to the Teskey message boards at GenForum and GenConnect or to the Teskey mailing list.


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